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USA Road Trip #5: The Flatirons’ Maiden

Four Noses Brewing

We’re finally making it up north, and out of Texas! No offense to Texas, but I was really stoked to get out of that heat. I just wasn’t ready for that kind of business. This trip was a loooooong, long … Read more >>

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USA Road Trip #4: Running With The Bulls

Spiral Diner Greeter

On this trip, we decided to leave a few things to chance, and Fort Worth was one such place. There’s this service that I found through Gala Darling, which allows you to find “Bed and Breakfasts” in whatever city you’re … Read more >>

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USA Road Trip #3: Welcome To The Land Of Beer & Honey

512 Brewing Company

Another early mornin’ out of Odessa, Texas with bellies still full with Asado from the night before. The drive to Austin was not bad – a mere 332 miles, which meant just over 5 hours. Not being hungry at all, … Read more >>

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[How To Make A] Monster Morel Burger With Stout Glazed Onions

Monster Morel Burger

I get asked quite a bit if I’m vegan or vegetarian because many of the recipes I post are plant-based. To that I say, “Nay!” I do love meat dishes, but I also love veggie dishes AS MUCH. So, for … Read more >>

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USA Road Trip – #1: The Copper Queen and The Town Too Tough To Die

Hangin' with the Tombstone Lawmen

This is the first installment of a series devoted to the hubs and I’s USA Road Trip! In honor of our TENTH anniversary, we couldn’t think of a better way to spend it – seeing a large part of America, … Read more >>

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