Impaled Veggies

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This recipe is an easy one, I promise! It’s true that oftentimes the simple things are the best things in life. We metalled up these unassuming skewers with a cool name, and a super easy spicy balsamic vinaigrette. Cut up your veggies, impale them on your skewers, slather them with the vinaigrette, and pop ‘em on the grill while you listen to Amon Amarth.


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USA Road Trip #3: Welcome To The Land Of Beer & Honey

512 Brewery
Another early mornin’ out of Odessa, Texas with bellies still full with Asado from the night before. The drive to Austin was not bad – a mere 332 miles, which meant just over 5 hours. Not being hungry at all, we set out quickly, and arrived at Jester King Brewery a little past noon-time! This was the most beautiful trip by far. Besides the fracking reservoirs, the land was lush, and cattle were everywhere. We were swept through rolling hills, wild-flower covered shoulders, and rustic log fences. It. Was. Beautiful.

Texas Country Wildflowers and Bees


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Wicked Avocado Toast with Roasted Red Peppers and Over Easy Egg

Avocado Toast, avocados, toast, roasted red pepper, egg, breakfast, brunch
So, check this out. Lately I’ve been hearing all about this avocado toast business. I’m certain that the first I heard of it was from Mimi over at Mimi Avocado. It was a new concept for me, I was a little skeptical, but still willing to try it.


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USA Road Trip #2: Our Psycho Holiday & Running With The Devil Dogs

Welcome to installment number TWO of our road trip! This stop was all about visiting an old Marine buddy, who has in turn, become our family. We drove nearly 300 miles on day two to get from El Paso, Texas to Odessa, Texas, and what a beautiful day that was! We were slated to go to Carlsbad Caverns, but it didn’t work out, and we opted for more time with our friends.


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[How To Make A] Monster Morel Burger With Stout Glazed Onions

Monster Morel Burger, morel, mushrooms, burger, onions, craft beer, stout glazed onions

I get asked quite a bit if I’m vegan or vegetarian because many of the recipes I post are plant-based. To that I say, “Nay!” I do love meat dishes, but I also love veggie dishes AS MUCH.

So, for my fellow meat-eaters out there, I present this MONSTER burger – The Monster Morel. I was at the Temecula Farmers Market last week, and then I saw them: Morel mushrooms. I had heard of them; I had seen them in pictures, but never in person. Never for sale!


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