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Shishito Burgers

September 17, 2015

“I always wanna get fancy!” I tell one of my foodie colleagues on Twitter this afternoon. It’s true. I can never leave well enough alone and have to get fancy with everything. What can I say? I love creating, and pushing my own boundaries with food. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but what I’m […]


The Ultimate Super Bowl Porter BBQ Sliders

January 29, 2015

Porter Beer BBQ Sliders

Super Bowl Sunday is coming up quick, and now that we’ve got the buns handled, I feel I can move on to this post, which is the meat of our situation.  You want to bring the best sliders to your Super Bowl party, and these are IT, baby! The thing about sliders is that you […]


[How To Make A] Monster Morel Burger With Stout Glazed Onions

June 11, 2014

Monster Morel Burger

I get asked quite a bit if I’m vegan or vegetarian because many of the recipes I post are plant-based. To that I say, “Nay!” I do love meat dishes, but I also love veggie dishes AS MUCH. So, for my fellow meat-eaters out there, I present this MONSTER burger – The Monster Morel. I […]


Pumpkin-Pumpkin Beer Risotto w/ Coffee & Chocolate Stout Glazed Short Ribs

October 29, 2013

Pumpkin-Pumpkin Beer Risotto with Chocolate Coffee Stout Braised Short Rib

We’re in the thick of Fall here in Southern California, though it doesn’t really feel like it. We just had a 90°F high today, and my tomato plants are still surviving! I’ve been waiting and waiting for some baking pumpkins to arrive at the grocery/farmers market, and that day finally came last week! The instant […]


Beer French Dip with Heirloom Tomatoes and Gremolata

September 11, 2013

Beer French Dip

Slow-cooked beef. Creamy, melty cheese. Fluffy French bread. Beer jus. These ingredients are what make up the French Beer Dip – A re-invented version of the classic French Dip, and you will want to stick your face in it again, and again….. yes, again.