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Farmers Market Open-Faced Breakfast Sandwich

Saturday is Farmer’s Market day here in the Inland Empire; the trek to Riverside is a welcome ritual. Every Saturday morning, it’s the first thing I do. Generally, there is no breakfast involved beforehand, and I am ravenous by the … Read more >>

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Foodie Hot Spots in Temecula, California

This past weekend I had a hankering for some specialty food items. Our city of Moreno Valley doesn’t really offer that much in terms of quality specialty ingredients, so Mr. O and I boogeyd down to Temecula. It turns out … Read more >>

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The Ultimate Christmas Burger

I love me a standard bacon/cheese/barbeque burger as much as the next guy, but let’s face it: the same ‘ol thing can get somewhat boring! I always try to push the envelope when it comes to burger toppings, and what … Read more >>

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Fire-Roasted Tomato Basil Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons

It predictably happens every season. There is at least one fruit/vegetable that I latch onto, clutching, clinging, stifling. This year, this season, is the almighty tomato.

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Quinoa Watermelon Salad – A Song to SUMMER!

HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE, Rock Star! That is RIGHT! Today is the first day of summer. I hear the birds singing, the crickets chirping, the grasshoppers hopping, and see the (almost) full moon overhead as the cool evening air gently caresses … Read more >>

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