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Slaves Of Pain Habañero Crème Brûlée (and a GIVEAWAY!)

Raspberry-Chile Creme Brulee

**The giveaway has ended – thanks for participating!! Our winners are Tim, Annette, Amanda & Denise!! We hope you enjoy these wonderful cookbooks!! Prepare thyself!  A tantalizing and tormenting taste-bud traversal is about to begin! This Raspberry-Chile Crème Brûlée will … Read more >>

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Foo Foo Frittata

Foo Foo Frittata

Foo Foo Mama Choo, that is!! BAM! It’s the end of the week. You have tons of mis-matched things in your fridge like purple potatoes and beet greens. Totally obscure, right? The stuff will most likely get thrown out if … Read more >>

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‘Tis The Season for Colored Eggs!

Easter 2014

Happy Easter, everyone! I consider myself an Easter Egg purist. Yeah, I love those weird jackets that cling to the egg when you submerge it in hot water, and the stickers, and the wax crayon, and even the “swirl” method … Read more >>

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Grapefruit IPA Bars

Grapefruit IPA Bars

Back in January, the hubbs and I decided it was time to take a “beer break.” We had been daily drinkers for years now – a beer here, a beer there, and a few beers at home. It was a … Read more >>

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Farmers Market Open-Faced Breakfast Sandwich

Farmers Market Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich

Saturday is Farmer’s Market day here in the Inland Empire; the trek to Riverside is a welcome ritual. Every Saturday morning, it’s the first thing I do. Generally, there is no breakfast involved beforehand, and I am ravenous by the … Read more >>

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