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Pumpkin-Pumpkin Beer Risotto w/ Coffee & Chocolate Stout Glazed Short Ribs

We’re in the thick of Fall here in Southern California, though it doesn’t really feel like it. We just had a 90°F high today, and my tomato plants are still surviving! I’ve been waiting and waiting for some baking pumpkins … Read more >>

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Beer Cupcakes with Beer Buttercream

A monumental event occurred in my life, just over two weeks ago. My grandfather passed away. He was 88, and awesome. He had a garden that he took pride in for being organic. He saved his seeds every year, and … Read more >>

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Balsamic BBQ Baked Beans with Chipotle Smoked Porter

So, it’s the 4th of July, and I’m just chilling at home. I have the day off, hubs is working. I don’t have any parties or gatherings to go to, and honestly, I am A.O.K. with that. It’s been relaxing, … Read more >>

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