Four Doses of Cuteness!

Since I’ve been sick for the past seven days, I haven’t had much time to be cooking. I thought I was getting better on Friday, yet a trip to the Urgent Care was thrown into the schedule Saturday morning – still felt awful! Sore throat and fever. Boooo! I still have quite the sore throat, so I’ve been sleeping (A LOT), and just bumming it.

Orange Tabby Kitten - Link

Orange Tabby Kitten - Link

Since I had no food to offer you this last week, I can offer you cuteness today! I was feeling better, so I took some photos of the stray kittens we’ve been caring for.

Grey Tabby Kitten

Cream Tabby Kitten - Cremello

The hubby and I are known to take care of the stray animals around our neighborhood (when they let us), and four weeks ago, a stray kitty had kittens right outside our garage. We took them and their mom in immediately, and have been caring for them.

Black Tabby Kitten - Dot-Com
Black Tabby Kitten - Dot-Com

We plan to get the mom spayed, and will re-release her as she’s wild, and probably won’t do well in a home, but we do plan to get the kittens into loving, caring homes (i.e. no de-clawing, and indoor only). So, if you know anyone in the Moreno Valley, Redlands, Riverside, California area who’s ready for a, leg warmer, massage therapist, alarm clock, best friend, or life-long companion, please get in touch with me! natalie (at) thedevilwearsparsley (dot) com

Grey Tabby Kitten
Cream Tabby Kitten- Cremello

They are as cute as kittens get!

Link & Grey Tabby Kitten play fighting

Grey Tabby and Link play fighting

Cremello and Dot-Com play fighting

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4 Responses to Four Doses of Cuteness!

  1. Erick says:

    If I didn’t have so many already I’d take them all! They look awesome!

  2. vanessa says:

    these pictures make my head want to explode!

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