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Bomb Bruschetta Turkey Burgers

Sometimes things just happen. I had a completely different recipe planned today, but things took a turn. I was talking to my mom about what to do with her abundance of tomatoes. (She has like 13 plants!!!) So, I offered … Read more >>

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Boeuf BEERguignon

Boeuf Beerguignon – a classic beef stew made with beer. Read more >>

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Balsamic BBQ Baked Beans with Chipotle Smoked Porter

So, it’s the 4th of July, and I’m just chilling at home. I have the day off, hubs is working. I don’t have any parties or gatherings to go to, and honestly, I am A.O.K. with that. It’s been relaxing, … Read more >>

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Blackbeard Soup

Arrrrrrrgh me mateys!!! I went to Disneyland last weekend with the hubby and some friends, and boy it was sooo fun! I hadn’t been there in what seems like forever, and I had a blast. What baffled me the most … Read more >>

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Salmon Frittata with Spinach and Goat Cheese

Finding new ways to cook breakfast is always a challenge for me. I’m always wanting something that’s not just your plain old bacon and eggs, although they are quite delicious. I generally always move in the direction of the quiche … Read more >>

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