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Impaled Veggies

Veggie Skewers

This recipe is an easy one, I promise! It’s true that oftentimes the simple things are the best things in life. We metalled up these unassuming skewers with a cool name, and a super easy spicy balsamic vinaigrette. Cut up … Read more >>

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USA Road Trip #2: Our Psycho Holiday & Running With The Devil Dogs

Have a bite!

Welcome to installment number TWO of our road trip! This stop was all about visiting an old Marine buddy, who has in turn, become our family. We drove nearly 300 miles on day two to get from El Paso, Texas … Read more >>

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[How To Make A] Monster Morel Burger With Stout Glazed Onions

Monster Morel Burger

I get asked quite a bit if I’m vegan or vegetarian because many of the recipes I post are plant-based. To that I say, “Nay!” I do love meat dishes, but I also love veggie dishes AS MUCH. So, for … Read more >>

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Foo Foo Frittata

Foo Foo Frittata

Foo Foo Mama Choo, that is!! BAM! It’s the end of the week. You have tons of mis-matched things in your fridge like purple potatoes and beet greens. Totally obscure, right? The stuff will most likely get thrown out if … Read more >>

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Italian Hot Sausage Sandwiches

Italian Hot Sausage Sandwiches

There are some dishes that you have growing up, that you absolutely adore. They conjure feelings of nostalgia, reminding you of your youth and simpler times. For me, these Italian Hot Sausage Sandwiches remind me of just that. It was … Read more >>

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