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Grapefruit IPA Bars

Grapefruit IPA Bars

Back in January, the hubbs and I decided it was time to take a “beer break.” We had been daily drinkers for years now – a beer here, a beer there, and a few beers at home. It was a … Read more >>

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Beer Cupcakes with Beer Buttercream

Porter Beer Cupcakes.

A monumental event occurred in my life, just over two weeks ago. My grandfather passed away. He was 88, and awesome. He had a garden that he took pride in for being organic. He saved his seeds every year, and … Read more >>

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Feed Your Brain, Rockstar!

Wheee! I’ts been a busy couple of weeks! I’ve been working hard to keep a tight schedule and work on some projects that have been on the back burner for quite some time. Who needs a new year to start … Read more >>

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Irish Triple Threat Mini Shot Cakes!

Last week I read an article on how much sleep you really need. I mean, I know that we all need a good nights rest; eight being that magic number, but this article gave me renewed inspiration. There were lots … Read more >>

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Clementine MADNESS!

Last week, I went to the Riverside Farmer’s Market, and was head over heels for the blood oranges. I didn’t get enough of them the previous week, so I was there to stock up! The vendor was insistent upon me … Read more >>

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