‘Tis The Season for Colored Eggs!

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Happy Easter, everyone!

I consider myself an Easter Egg purist. Yeah, I love those weird jackets that cling to the egg when you submerge it in hot water, and the stickers, and the wax crayon, and even the “swirl” method uses some type of oil to get your desired swirl effect, but what I really, really love are the vibrant colors that come with that kit. You know which one I’m talking about.


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Not Your Normal Chocolate Shake

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Get ready to be “Wowed,” because baby, I’ve got a treat for YOU! The first time I went to Kimberly Snyder’s shop Glow Bio, my husband got this “chocolate shake.” I had no idea what it was called, because I was all enamored at what I had ordered. Once I pulled myself out of whatever I was engrossed with, I saw what he had, and was instantly intrigued. “A …. chocolate shake? I thought this place only sold healthy stuff…,” I say to myself. One sip, and I was hooked! I knew it was healthy, but it was so hard to believe that it was made with no ice cream at all!

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Grapefruit IPA Bars

Grapefruit IPA BarsBack in January, the hubbs and I decided it was time to take a “beer break.”

We had been daily drinkers for years now – a beer here, a beer there, and a few beers at home. It was a rare occurrence that we wouldn’t have at least “a” beer on any given day and decided that maybe things were getting a little out of hand.


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Feed Your Brain, Rock Star – Blooms Abound!

I’m with Paige when she says that it’s a buncha hook when people say that has no seasons. I took her up on her challenge to look for the magick – in my own front yard! These two photos I snapped after the light rain we had this week. Things are in BLOOM! The flowering plum tree has the most beautiful, small, and delicate flowers – it’s a shame that they only last for a little bit.


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Chicken Salad

I always enjoy a good salad for lunch these days, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with a combination that tickles your taste buds! The hubby likes this one, so I know it’s a winner.


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